Artificial Intelligence in Sport: Brazilian startup at the forefront of global scientific knowledge

    We are experiencing a moment of great scientific and technological revolution. Science can be understood as an area that generates academic and practical knowledge that results in new products, services or utilities for humanity. Technology is one of the mechanisms for making these scientific discoveries developed in research centers and / or laboratories available or applied (1).

    In addition, to succeed in this dynamic world of novelties, a startup increasingly requires innovative technological content that invariably derives from knowledge, from new discoveries in Science (2). On the other hand, a startup can also generate this scientific knowledge, obtain the know-how and make it available, so that it can be applied by society. Thus, a Brazilian Sportech acts in this way.

    LOAD CONTROL jointly with Researchers from USP, UFMG, CEFET/MG and City Unity College of Greece published a scientific paper in one of the leading Sports Science journals, Sports Medicine – Open. The study presents the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied in Team Sports. What modalities used AI to optimize performance and reduce the injury risk of the athletes; predominating the Artificial Neural Networks to predict the athletic performance in basketball and the risk of injury in soccer (3).

    The link with free access to the study will be available shortly, accompany our social networks to stay informed.


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